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About Stephanie Johnson

Travel Chic
At Stephanie Johnson, Travel Chic is more than just our motto. It’s a lifestyle. It’s about the intersection of fashion and function. It’s about creating a stylish haven for all of the essentials that make you look and feel beautiful. It’s about streamlining your suitcase, your carry-on, and your handbag. It’s about having options – with bags that offer removable components and multiple compartments so that you can divide and conquer. It’s about adding that irresistible pop of color, that gorgeous textile, that one-of-a-kind print to your vanity, or to your life at 30,000 feet. It’s about making it personal. It’s about making it yours.

Welcome to the world of Stephanie Johnson, where we always invite you to travel chic.

About Stephanie
Stephanie Johnson launched her namesake line of cosmetic cases and travel accessories in 1999 after leaving a career as a successful telecommunications executive to pursue her passion for uniquely compartmentalized design. A frequent flier, world traveler, and consummate organizer, Johnson sought to create a destination-inspired line of travel toiletry cases that was as practical as it was pretty. The result is what we like to call beautiful utility: versatile pieces designed to simplify your life, but stunning enough to carry and wear as a stand-alone handbag or accessory.

Why We’re Different
Boasting eye-catching silhouettes that run the gamut from streamlined simple shapes to multi-function cosmetic valises, our bags possess convenient features like removable pouches, zip pockets, snap-out mirrors, brush pockets, and clear plastic overlay that makes wiping the interiors clean a cinch. Aesthetics are essential: bags feature bold prints and luxuriant fabrics, liners in contrasting splashes of color, and carefully chosen details like Turkish silk knot zipper pulls. While Stephanie keeps a watchful eye on the latest trends, she ultimately focuses on creating beautiful, durable, classic pieces that will stand the test of time.

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