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About J. Seignolles Porcelaine

In 1825, François BAIGNOL settled in LA FABRIQUE, on the edge of the forest of Brigueuil and founded one of the first manufactures of the department. Particularly innovative, this one realizes in 1855, the first test of gas cooking in Limoges: true revolution in the profession.

It was in 1962 that Henri SEIGNOLLES and his associates acquired the manufacture of "La Fabrique". A total renovation and numerous investments are undertaken.

The acquisition of a high-temperature tunnel kiln requires the construction, in 1976, of a new site, former Route d'Aixe in Limoges: the current premises of the company.

J. SEIGNOLLES becomes thus the first factory of Limoges realizing decorations guaranteed unalterable in the dishwasher.

Guaranteeing this know-how with a porcelain made and decorated exclusively in Limoges, J. SEIGNOLLES proposes creations on an extra white paste that combine the great tradition of services in incrustation with a more contemporary collection imagined with the help of stylists renowned for the Renewal of a porcelain in perfect osmosis with its time.

In 2008, the company received the label "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant", a real reward for its perseverance in its choice of "made in Limoges", for perfectionism and love of the craft of its spinners, painters, polishers, designers, defenders Of an exceptional art whose excellence has made the turn of the greatest tables of the world.

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