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About Haviland

170 Years of History
The manufacturer was founded in 1842 by David Haviland, a passionate American entrepreneur. His sons turned the family business into one of the most important manufacturers in Europe.
A Unique Savoir Faire
Haviland keeps alive and carries on an exceptional know-how. Settled in an ultra modern factory, the manufacturer makes sure to keep intact a genuine heritage but also to reinvent a refined and prestigious porcelain.
A 100% Made in Limoges Production
Haviland remains the one and only porcelain maker to assure that 100% of its production is 100% made in Limoges from production to decoration. Every single décor is still produced by hand with goldsmith precision. More than 5,000 decorations have been created by the manufacturer since its foundation.
White Collections
Haviland offers about twenty white collections with a very large variety of shapes and engraved designs. Subtle shapes are completed by unique finishing: the diamond finishing (smooth touch and sparkling effect) and the velvet finish (Velvet touch and a contrasted matt and sparkling effect).
General Collections
The manufacturer disposes of very diversified tableware decors: floral, geometric, traditional or contemporary ones. Haviland perfectly masters the chromolithography process. Each design is made exceptional by the incredible resistance of the colors but also by the elegance of gold and platinum finishing.
Prestigious Collections
These collections show all the manufacturer's talent and expertise. The relief provides a unique touch and aspect by the magnificence of precious metals. At least eleven stages are necessary for the realization of the handmade inlays.
Haviland's designs in relief and inlays are true masterpieces requiring artistic talent, meticulousness and long hours of detail.

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