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Understanding the importance of comfort, luxury and the art of living well, the intentionally curated items available at MADISON are perfectly suited to meet the needs for gifting, decorating and beyond. More »
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Our Story

Since 2003, nearly 15 years after opening the design firm Kirsten Kelli, co-owners and sisters Kelli Ford and Kirsten Fitzgibbons have been gathering a special mix of contemporary and classic pieces for MADISON. The shelves are filled with items meant to make any space feel unique and range from bookends, paper weights and jewelry boxes to crystal picture frames, fine china, coffee table books and more. Each piece falls into a category Kelli and Kirsten like to refer to as “home couture,” luxury pieces that accent and enhance commercial and residential locales. MADISON’s offerings cater to a variety of aesthetic preferences and they offer a wide range of services such as wedding and baby registries, crystal and silver engraving, calligraphy, corporate gifting, gift wrapping and a highly customizable monogramming service – a personal favorite of both Kirsten and Kelli.